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Through mindfulness learn how better to manage recovery and business continuity; discover resiliency and hardiness in difficult times; find presence and balance towards being more effective in work, including finding joy and confidence in work and in your life. Mindfulness training is intended for individuals who are generally healthy, and who would like to learn to manage their stress more skillfully.


Sessions are weekly one-hour and 15 minutes mindfulness instruction customized to suit your needs on site at your corporate setting or via online video conferencing. Included in the cost will be numerous supplemental handouts and various pre-recorded guided practice meditations (MP3’s) to support you between sessions. If you prefer, online sessions can be conveniently arranged in the comfort of your own home or workplace .  

INVESTMENT:  $250.00/ hour

I also offer introductory programs or weekly mindfulness meditations instruction to larger groups via online conferencing or onsite as permitted.

INVESTMENT: $250.00 /hour 

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Our private sessions have been hugely helpful.Yesterday I definitely shifted from a state of depression/stuckness to one of more energy and hope. I am excited to get to my “gym” this week and work on gently and patiently (!) redirecting my attention away from my pesky thoughts to one or more of the anchors we talked about.
Thank you also for the invitation to reach out with questions; it’s wonderful to know you are  available and I will feel free to take advantage.
I am so glad we started working together again. My goal is to be able to take your 8 week MBSR course. You are the best instructor on the planet as far as I can tell and I look forward to continuing our journey😊

~Jean  (June 6. 2023)

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