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Past Participant Experiences

Our private sessions have been hugely helpful.Yesterday I definitely shifted from a state of depression/stuckness to one of more energy and hope. I am excited to get to my  "mindful gym” this week and work on gently and patiently (!) redirecting my attention away from my pesky thoughts to one or more of the anchors we talked about.
Thank you also for the invitation to reach out with questions; it’s wonderful to know you are  available and I will feel free to take advantage.
I am so glad we started working together again. My goal is to be able to take your 8 week MBSR course. You are the best instructor on the planet as far as I can tell and I look forward to continuing our journey😊

/Jean  (June 6. 2023)/

"I have found the home exercises very helpful in lowering my stress levels."

/ C.B./

Karen, you are kind, thoughtful, and caring. You are a wealth of knowledge re: the practices and additional supportive resources.  I love how you incorporated poetry.  I had strong emotional responses to many of the poems you shared and felt less alone in my struggles hearing the poet grappling with similar struggles.  I felt safe and supported and the class information was presented in a clear way – the home practice pages clearly told me what I needed to practice each week.

/K. D./

"Karen, you are very nurturing and a good listener. Your voice is soothing
and your demeanour is kind and open. Thank-you Karen, you will no
doubt continue to build a following."

/ C.M. /

“I came to the mindfulness course to continue my journey for self-exploration. Looking for a way to keep the peace and remain centered in my thoughts and emotions. In class I received much needed communal support of shared goals and with practices. After eight weeks I can say I learned to be gentler with myself in terms of meditation commitment. Having said that, I have and will continue my meditation practices. I feel a real difference in my life already from being able to quiet the mind and take time to pause before reacting."

/ M.P. /

"I felt very safe and supported in Karen’s class. Her encouraging e-mails were welcomed-warm and encouraging. It was obvious Karen cared deeply about the participants experience and progress, yet she was respectful of boundaries. She modeled and exemplified in her person the qualities mindfulness practice seeks to develop: she is kind, empathetic, and non judgmental. I found her to be authentic and genuine in sharing her own experiences. Karen was always prepared and obviously familiar and comfortable with the MBSR Course material. It was clearly presented I would highly recommend this course as taught by this teacher."

/ M.L. /

"MBSR has given me the resources, strength, and clarity to be an active
participant with the obstacles that "come up" in life. It's the medicine I need - valuable tools have been learned to really let go of pain and unnerving, habitual self-torture."

/ CHRIS R. /

“Working with Karen has given me a better understanding and a greater
appreciation of the power of our thoughts. While sharing her knowledge with ease and compassion she has made a difference in my day to day life.”

/ M.R. /

"Working with Karen has been an enlightening experience furthering my understanding of how my thought process greatly influences my life. Mindfulness brings a sense of peace and gratefulness so desperately needed in 2020!"

/ M.R. /

“I think the instruction was terrific – it was a very open group and Karen
was patient with all of us and gave herself freely. I really enjoyed the poems that were used to reinforce learning and/or spark thinking. And yes, I plan to continue my formal practice. I set aside the same time every day and have become very comfortable with members of my family being less than enthusiastic that I hold to it, no matter what.”

/ H.M. /

“I am noticing that the integration of mindfulness into everyday life is a
serious asset. I am considering practicing over the lunch hour at work.”

/ R.M. /

"I have and will continue my meditation practices. I feel a real difference in
my life already from being able to quiet the mind and take time before reacting. Karen has a tremendous ability to sooth with her calming and reassuring voice. She has a strong understanding of the principles of MBSR and explains all with great ease and confidence. She is a natural teacher who leads the class with great care and gentleness. I highly recommend Karen as a guide for your mindfulness journey…you will be amazed and delighted with her skill set."

/ M.P. /

"I just wanted to share that I no longer fall asleep when listening to the
meditation or body scan CD’s. I feel so much more energized and my mind more alert.  For the first time in 7 years, I am enjoying the silence of my apartment.  I don’t feel the need to fill the air with “noise” anymore for company.  I know this is only the beginning of a lifetime journey but I cannot thank you enough for bringing me to the first step."

/ V.B. /

"I am getting so much out of your course and I am so grateful for what you have already taught me.  I even rested on some of my learning’s to help me through the last two weeks. Thank you Karen."   

/ M.T. /

"As I did my yoga early this morning, I thought of you! I also re-read part of
the book, Full Catastrophe Living, and reflected that I was really glad to have been a part of your mindfulness classes and I am enjoying the resulting increased "peace of mind."

/ R.M. /

"Thanks so much, Karen. I learned a lot in your class and continue to grow!”

/ E.O. /

"I do notice that certain things I can respond to and certain things I will tend
to react to, but I’ve also noticed that I’m influencing a change in behaviour
in others when I don’t react. I guess the thing that has been most surprising is that I’m more okay with just letting something drop and not feeling like I’ve been a pushover."

/ H.M. /

“I am seriously considering taking your class. I remember your kind sweet
soul and how you always gave such great answers to questions when we took our Mindfulness for Chronic Pain Course at St. Mike's.”

/ G.D./

/ G.D. /

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