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Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful


Welcome to Mindfulness for Professionals

In one-to-one sessions or group workshops, you’ll learn ways to finding resilience and feeling healthy and being engaged at work and in life. You will develop skills that strengthen communication and relationships, as well as counter anxiety, burnout, low mood, and addictive patterns.

This course includes:

  • Weekly 75 min mindfulness instruction customized to suit your needs

  • Numerous supportive handouts and pre-recorded guided practice meditations (MP3’s) 

  • On site at your corporate setting or via online video conferencing

  • Programs or workshops are also available for larger groups

Would you not aspire to have the confidence that no matter what work offers up – whether success or failure, happiness or disappointment, recognition or indifference – you could unshakably rely on yourself to be self-assured, resourceful and at ease?


Somehow, for so many of us, such workplace confidence seems elusive, and instead of feeling resourceful and resilient, we all too often find ourselves hoping for success, chasing happiness, craving rewards, and fearing the worst. 


Mindfulness instruction offers you more manageable ways of effective stress relief. With practice you'll come to a brand new perspective on how you are with everything at work and in your life.  

The range of what we think and do is limited by what we fail to notice.

/ R.D. LAING /

The Mindfulness Path at Work

The Mindfulness Path at work is nothing short of living our life more fully in the moment. It asks, can we be open, honest and at ease under all circumstances on the path to who we are, where we are?  This is the challenge because we cannot control work as best as we may try. It can be complicated, chaotic and messy. Being successful at our jobs is never as simple as we hoped. The sober reality is that being hostile towards life’s difficulties only amplifies our discomfort and we end up arguing with our life, rather than living it the best way we can!  

Questions for reflection … Are you protecting yourself rather than achieving objectives at work? How effective have you been at dealing with stress at work so far?



The experiences at work are just as worthy of our wise attention - no more than any other time in our life. Cultivating mindfulness with my instruction will invite you to gently examine your basic attitude towards your job, your attitude being the one thing you can control. How would it be if the problems that arise at work not be recognized by you as the usual annoying intrusions or interruptions, but rather an invitation to gain some real wisdom?


We will work towards awakening our natural courage to engage in our jobs without fear or arrogance. There is a skillful way to meet difficulty. Mindfulness offers us a set of new finely crafted lenses through which we can glimpse different ways of looking deeply into whatever arises in life – the wanted and the unwanted. You will learn to acknowledge work, with all its difficulties, as an opportunity to wake up and live your life fully and honestly, so that you will be your optimal in health and effectiveness at work.

We can engage in our jobs sanely and openly without giving up on success, or
disregarding our feelings, or ambitions!

Legal Research and Writing

The things we fear most in organisations – fluctuations, disturbances, imbalances – are the primary sources of creativity.”


Working with Karen has been an enlightening experience furthering my understanding of how my thought process greatly influences my life and work. Mindfulness brings a sense of peace and gratefulness so desperately needed in 2020!

/ M.R. /


If you have more questions please review the FAQ  or contact me.

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