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What does it mean to be fully human? Meditation practice has a huge amount to say about that. It’s a big gateway into the adventure of discovering who you are and what it means to be human. When all is said and done, mindfulness is really about wisdom, about discerning what is really, really true from what is mere appearance, or what you’re attached to because you want it to be true. This is where humanity needs to go.


Mindfulness Dimensions
Weekly Meditation Community 

Find a calm break in your day,  some respite in your week with like-minded individuals. 

You are all invited to join this regular weekly refresher for your mindfulness meditation practice. 

Gentle guided instruction with Karen Waddell, (certified MBSR)    


Not feeling your best? Feeling lost or stuck in steadily growing your mindfulness practice? Do you miss the benefits of mindfulness you have once touch upon? Are you feeling a need for connection with a supportive group to continue your learning, growth and healing through the cultivation of mindfulness? Perhaps a weekly maintenance class is for you to realign with your intentions to keep your practice up.    

A warm welcome here. As promised to those who have worked with me either in my MBSR courses or privately, I am happy, at long last, to announce I'm offering a mindfulness online weekly maintenance subscription sessions. Each week on Thursday from 12:10PM to 12:50PM EST I will guide a gentle meditation to settle the group, as well as offer a supportive mindfulness themed lesson and curated poetry towards maintaining, and cultivating your mindfulness practice for optimal mental and physical health. You can think of it a lovely re-set in the week. A reminder of how and what to pay attention to towards bringing more moments of contentment and ease into your life. If needed, I can leave five to ten minutes at every session for any questions that may be coming up in your practice. Everyone is welcome to join this safe community of good hearts.

If you have worked with me, you already know how important it is to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and join some weekly online guided meditation for rest and release. Membership includes exclusive entrance to the mindful community members lounges for access to weekly recorded session videos and and other resources. Beginners and seasoned practitioners all welcome to check-in once a week for ongoing maintenance of your practice towards optimal wellness.   

How it works

Each weekly mindfulness session will be $10.00.  (What a deal!) To be a member of this community,  the yearly subscription, you will be automatically billed $40.00 monthly, which includes four - fifty minute mindfulness sessions per month and more!  Follow the simple steps by clicking below to get started to be included in the mail-out of The Mindfulness Dimensions Community to receive your weekly Zoom link into the room. All major credit cards accepted. Should you not be able to make the live group session on Thursday, no worries. All sessions will be recorded to be available for you to experience at your own leisure in the members lounge in my website. The first session will begin 12:10PM, EST MAY 2nd, 2024. There, I will offer an introduction to awareness meditation practice. However you can commence the yearly subscription at any time. Beginners and seasoned practitioners will benefit the support of my instructive simple guides. The Zoom Room will always be open 10 minutes ahead of time for you to settle and arrive. And, I will stick around an extra 10 minutes after our session should anyone have any questions about practice. ;-) 


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