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Often, I have clients say to me after just a few weeks of practice, “ Why didn’t I start this years ago?” And I gently respond, “ You are here now, and NOW is always the best time to begin anew. It is never too late to start to live your life as if it really mattered.

Welcome to One-to-One Mindfulness Instruction

Have you ever noticed we always want to be somewhere else other than where we are right now? We’re on the subway … and we want to be home? We’re eating our meal and we are already thinking about cleaning the kitchen or answering some emails? Driving in the car … and we want to be at our destination? We're living ahead of ourselves most of the time … or similarly, wishing for things to be different than how they really are? Or noticed how we’ve started leading pathological levels of busyness in our day–to–day lives? If we're overloaded to the point of being overwhelmed, have you noticed how that affects your mood and how authentically we meet ourselves, and those we care about? And your health? 

 With years of experience as a trusted mindfulness certified instructor, I offer you hope and skills. Together in our time each week, we will examine the impulses and seductions that drive us into such unfortunate situations.We start where ever you are

"Our private sessions have been hugely helpful. Yesterday I definitely shifted from a state of stuck-ness to one of more energy and hope. I am excited to get to my “mindfulness gym” this week and work on gently and patiently (!) redirecting my attention away from my pesky thoughts to one or more of the anchors we talked about.Thank you also for the invitation to reach out with questions; it’s wonderful to know you are  available and I will feel free to take advantage.I am so glad we started working together again. My goal is to be able to take your 8 week MBSR course. You are the best instructor on the planet as far as I can tell and I look forward to continuing our journey😊. I will sing your praises from the rooftops!"

~Jean  (June 6, 2023)

I am so heartened by how your curiosity to learn more about mindfulness has landed you here. Mindfulness is a rapidly growing field of growth and healing. Hundreds of studies every year point to there being something about the practice of mindfulness that can have a major impact on our biology, our psychology and even on the way we interact with others.

It is possible to come to some degree of peace within the body and mind for greater health, well being, happiness and clarity; even in the midst of great challenges and difficulties.

And, it’s not a path just for a select few! You don't have to be in a certain relaxed state. Anyone can embark on such a journey and find benefit and comfort. Come with how things are right now. with you. . As far as I'm concerned, as long as you are breathing there is everything right with you to begin on this lifetime engagement to be the best of you. Sign up for practical guidance and resources to navigate your life towards optimal mental and physical health. This will be a transformative journey we will take together. 

In our sessions, through formal and informal mindfulness meditation practices, mindful lessons including inquiry and dialogue, we will gently investigate all the moments in your life with curiosity and interest. You will gain numerous skills and tools to better navigate life’s challenges. I’m looking forward to offering you an easeful way of being with everything. All is possible no matter how lost or overwhelmed you may be feeling. I invite you to try something different from the usual way of doing things you have been caught in so far knowingly, or unknowingly. Time to leave autopilot and trust there is a better way. 

Working with Karen has given me a better understanding and a greater appreciation of the power of our thoughts. While sharing her knowledge with ease and compassion she has
made a difference in my day to day life.”



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Dry Plants

If you are like me and are looking to:

Approach life with more composure, energy, understanding and

Develop the ability to cope more effectively with both short-term and
long-term stressful situations.

Enhance your ability to manage and reduce pain levels in many

Improve your focus, resilience and capacity to recover more quickly
from challenging events ...

Then I invite you to join me on this journey of discovery!

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